22 June 2011

Bantimurung Waterfall South Sulawesi

If traveling to South Sulawesi, try to visit Bantimurung waterfall, located in the National Park Bantimurung. You will gain several advantages at once.

First, natural ingredients soothe Bantimurung of limestone hills and rice fields are welcome. Second, this area is a habitat for many species of rare butterflie. Dutch had called this place as "The Kingdom of Butterfly". Third, of course, the waterfall Bantimurung shade.

The width of the waterfall about 20 meters with a height of about 15 meters water sliding. And different from other waterfalls, Bantimurung not have a deep trough in the fall of water, because it is essentially a large rock hard. On the left side of the waterfall there are also concrete steps with a height of 10 meters. This staircase leading to the two caves, cave Dream and cave Stone. Both are part of hundreds of prehistoric cave found in the ranks of Maros karst-Pangkep.

The waterfall is located about 20 km from Hasanuddin Airport, 15 km from the Maros, and 50 km from Makassar. These attractions can be reached by car from Makassar about an hour. Alternatively, if you depart from the airport Hassanuddin, the trip can be reached by car pete-pete (microbus) or tour bus about 30 minutes.