04 March 2011

Many places in the city of Semarang, Central Java worth a visit. Various attractions, both natural, religious or culinary available in Semarang. Walking while enjoying the attractions in the capital of Central Java is the right choice in filling the holiday or refreshing the mind due to the piling activity.

One of the attractions of religion is the Great Mosque. Apart from places of worship, one of the largest mosque in Southeast Asia is used as a hotel, offices, and souvenir shops. The main building is the mosque is 99 meters high tower. The tower was built in accordance with 99 names of Allah.

Towers are often used to determine the beginning of Ramadan. Visitors who are interested to go up this tower had to pay Rp 3,000. On top of the tower, visitors can see the atmosphere of the city of Semarang through binoculars simply by inserting coins $ 500.

There is also a complex Pagoda Vihara Avalokitesvara in Buddhagaya Watugong. Buddhist place of worship was built in 2005. 40-meter high building and style of this Chinese architects established Indonesian Museum of Records as the tallest pagoda in Indonesia.

While culinary tourism one of them found in Kampung Laut, which is the largest floating restaurant in Semarang. Restaurant offers a variety of menus such as milkfish, sea village sauce, baby kailan cah, fruit salad and corn juice drinks. While eating, visitors spoiled the beautiful sea views.

Tours in Semarang district equally with the city. One of them is Joglo Hills Villa at the foot of Mount Ungaran. This area presents the rural atmosphere surrounded by beautiful because rice fields. Various joglo home here as well. One of them, house built 1822 in the village of Godong. Some of the furniture in it is still original.

Various facilities, such as swimming pools and galleries in this house. When entering the gallery, visitors can see various paintings, ceramics and antique pottery. Among other things, antique pottery found on the island of Java and Bali. There are also antique ceramics from Vietnam.

Visitors who want to reminisce to the Dutch period, it can be stopped at Ambarawa Railway Museum, the oldest museum of Dutch heritage. There are many types of locomotives, such as locomotives that operate in 1900. Locomotive speed 75 kilometers per hour is still wood fired.

Visitors can tour the streets with steam-powered locomotive to pay rent USD 3.25 million.
Once satisfied the streets, visitors can fill the stomach in the Public Eating Toen Mba. Typical food to offer this shop is pecel snail. Enjoyment snail fields could be supplemented with vegetables cabbage, sprouts, mustard greens and leaf clover.

There is also a village on Highway Banaran Coffee Bawen, Ambarawa. The various facilities offered in this area include swimming pool, tennis court, playground, camp, and the hall. Visitors can surround this region by using a train tour by paying Rp 4,000.

Not only see coffee plantations, visitors witnessed the beautiful natural scenery. Because visitors can see five mountains at once, ie, Cleft, Elephant Mungkur, Screen, Elomoyo and Merbabu. To close the trip down the coffee plantation, guests enjoy panoramic sunset while accompanied by a cup of coffee and a plate of fried typical.


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