24 March 2011

Raja Ampat in West Papua's remote location. This area stores a million beauty beneath the sea. Raja Ampat Marine tourism is recognized as one of the 10 best dive tourism in the world.
Enchantment under the sea and natural wealth, the mainstay of the Raja Ampat regency through competitive world of tourism in Indonesia and the world. This area is known as a center for tropical natural resources of the world's richest.

"We want to introduce to the world of Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat's marine tourism potential and opportunities have become a major world stage, "said Head of the Raja Ampat Marcus Wanma.
To introduce to the world, Raja Ampat to open call center in Bali. The reason, Bali as the main destinations of foreign tourists to Indonesia.

"Through our Bali and invite investors to introduce the world to the Raja Ampat," Marcus said.
Raja Ampat is a new district in Indonesia. Located in remote regions of West Papua is only seven years old. In fact, infrastructure is inadequate. To reach the Raja Ampat, travelers must fly to Sorong and then along the sea as far as 71 km to arrive in Raja Ampat.

Although still an early age, Raja Ampat foreign tourists can suck as much as 5 thousand people per year in 2009, 6 thousand people in 2010 and this year, is expected to further increase demand.


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