22 March 2011

It feels incomplete without a stopover to Kilkenny and to enjoy the water attractions at Lake OPI, Jakabaring.

In the beginning, OPI Lake was created by the government of Palembang to PON activity in paddle sports. Length is about 517 meters and 200 meters wide. Now, Lake OPI prepared to screen sport and jet-ski for Asian sports events.

Trek screen built in Lake OPI this will be a separate tour later on when an international sporting event is held. But today, visitors can still enjoy the beauty of Lake OPI although there is no game or sports competition that was held.

OPI lake is relatively clean condition, and a selection of Palembang city teens to spend the afternoon and evening to enjoy the scenery around the lake. OPI Lake became one of alternative options besides water attractions Musi River in Palembang. Lake OPI also began ogled and crowded visited by tourists.

Stalls have been built around the lake, although his condition has not ordered a hundred percent well and still looks chaotic here and there, but from day to day from a lot of clean up and prepare ourselves to welcome SEAGames.

OPI Lake is an artificial lake, and construction is currently not depend on the budget but come from the investors. Conditions are more clear and organized, with a bid of more activities that can be done in Lake OPI. You can ride a boat around the lake, ride the water bikes, sail boats and rubber, banana boat, to try to ride a jet ski.

If tired of playing water sports, a row of stalls that offer pempek, roasted corn and coconut ice ready to serve you.

About the price you should pay, relatively cheap, because every game you can do with paying Rp. 15.000, (less than $2)- only. Want to try?


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