07 March 2011

Manado is the provincial capital of North Sulawesi is estimated that as many as 30 percent of the total population inhabit the coastal city of Manado, or DAS. The length of the coastline of Manado approximately 58.7 km and there are five major rivers that relate to the coast of Manado, the River Tondano, Malalayang, Sario, Bailang, Wusa or Paniki.

Tourism in the city of Manado is very exotic. Lots of options for tourists to relax and had fun tour. From natural attractions such as the Bunaken marine park, the beauty of beaches, entertainment people, shopping centers, up to a culinary tour, available in this city. The tourist beach lovers atmosphere near the city as a place of recreation, the city of Manado is the place. Charm of beautiful beaches can be seen from region to region Malalayang Boulevard is the center of town.

Malalayang has the charm of the beach area is quite beautiful. All around there are a number of cafes built on the waterfront. All of the cafe offers a variety of seafood with grilled fish as a main dish. Therefore, people call Malalayang grilled fish.

Culinary Tours

Another evening atmosphere in the Area Boulevard. Visitors can watch the panorama of nature with the island of Manado Tua in the middle of the ocean. As the sun began to slip into the western horizon, then the process of the Sunset can be seen clearly. Along with the setting sun, the area became crowded by the seller Bolevard food. They held wares in a number of tents on the outskirts of the beach. Dishes are available consist of: fried rice, meatballs, gado-gado, tinutuan, and others. The price is so cheap. The visitors can choose according to taste what he wanted.

Regions Bolevard seems to have become centers of culinary evenings in the city of Manado. The atmosphere is similar Losari in Makassar. Number of visitors who come to that place. In the past two decades, tourism activity rapidly grown into one of the economic mainstay of the city. Belle tourism city of Manado in North Sulawesi province is even Bunaken National Park, which by some people referred to as one of the most beautiful marine park in the world. Its location is only about 8 km from the mainland city of Manado, and can be reached in about 2 hours cause the National Park is easily visited. In addition there is the Museum District of North Sulawesi, and Monument (Memorial), Second World War.

Especially in the city of Manado, there are also several temples, one of which is Ban Hin Kiong Temple in the central city built in the early 19th century. Besides having the sights of interest, one of the benefits of tourism the city of Manado is its strategic location to attractions in the hinterland, in Minahasa, which can be reached within 1 to 3 hours from the city of Manado. Attractions include, Vulcano Area in Tomohon, Village Agriwisata Rurukan-Tomohon, mountains and Lake Panorama Tondano, Stone Pinabetengan and Waruga in Sawangan. Great tourism potential causes in the city of Manado tourism industry has been growing and developing, among others, characterized by sufficient number of hotel and other supporting facilities. Until late last year, there are additional hotel / lodging, travel agencies, restaurants and restaurants of various classes.

The economic crisis and national economic recession that hit the national business community, does not affect tourism in the city of Manado. From year to year, local and foreign tourists visit even increasing. They are still filled with curiosity at Manado Tua Bunaken Marine Park is located in the upper peninsula of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This park has a vast 75,265 hectares of land and sea which continues to grow and be protected by the government of North Sulawesi. This marine park was inaugurated by the minister of marine October 15, 1991. Bunaken has at least 40 places that are rich in fish diving - tropical fish and coral reefs and more than 150 species from 58 genera and 3,000 species of fish swim in the area "Golden Triangle" of Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and Indonesia. Biological Park is strategically located in the "triangle" is. North Park is situated next to the Sulawesi Sea that have a depth exceeding 19,800 feet. Park not far from Manado, approximately 5,000 feet (15 minutes from Manado Beach).

In addition to Park, there are other attractions that are named Watu Pinawetengan. This place is located in Minahasa. The object of the tour is a stone found in the District bergores Tompaso. By local residents bergores stone is known as watu pinawetengan. This stone is a natural boulders, so the irregular shape. On the boulder there are the scratches various man-made motifs. There were scratches that make the human image, resembling male genitalia, depicting female genitalia, and stripes motif and no apparent motive means. Experts suspect that the scratches are a symbol associated with supporting community confidence megalith culture, namely belief in ancestral spirits (ancestors) are considered to have supernatural powers so as to regulate and define human life in the world. Therefore, humans must perform certain ceremonies of worship for salvation or to obtain what is expected (such as good harvests, reject or expel distress disease) by using large stones as a means to worship them.

According to myth, the stone is a place where bermusyawarahnya leaders and community leaders Minahasa-Lumimuut Toar indigenous descent (ancestors of Minahasa people) in the past, in order to divide the area into six ethnic groups of tribes who belong to ethnic groups Minahasa. Until now bergores stones that have been found in Minahasa, new pinawetengan watu, contained in the working area Kawangkoan but can be regarded as an important finding and may be included as historical monuments, especially the cultural history of the Minahasa community.
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