23 February 2011

Market City Shopping Tour Down is Pekanbaru. Incomplete feel if a visit to Pekanbaru if not stopping or shopping at the Market Down Pekanbaru. People from outside Pekanbaru always making the lower market as one place to visit if you stop by the pekanbaru.

Down Market Pekanbaru including the oldest market in town of Pekanbaru, Pekanbaru is so Market under the traditional market. Pekanbaru Down Market is located on the edge of the Siak River and is close to Port, then in the bottom of this market is easy to get goods from abroad at low prices.

Once entry of these goods are not too strictly prohibited. Markets Down a favorite place to hunt for electronics goods from abroad.

But surely it's not just electronics, various household knick-knacks such as urns and sculptures are also available with various options.

As time went on, government regulations are increasingly stringent. Goods that used to be easy to enter, now can not anymore.

Pekanbaru city government did not want to market that are well known it becomes dead. And then pemko build a better market and make it as a tourist market in Pekanbaru city.

Now under Pekanbaru Market changed its name to Tourism Market, although people are more familiar with the name of the Lower Market. It must be acknowledged the steps taken are correct Pekanbaru City Government. Until now we still can be hunting goods from abroad at low prices in a certain way, so clever-pandailah.

Along with the growth of shopping malls in Pekanbaru, many people who expect that it will stay on the market by selling souvenirs typical of Pekanbaru that does not exist elsewhere. This is certainly going to attract the tourists to visit there.

So, do not forget to stop by, yes!


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