06 January 2011

If we had time to brothels in the area southeast of Sulawesi, do not forget visit Kaledupa Hoga Island, Wakatobi Islands. In addition to dive for the sake of research, we can also stop in the old mosque, which has a unique stone bearing the Prophet Muhammad in the center of the building.
Wakatobi is a collection of islands named Perfume-scented, Kaledupa, Tomian and Binongko, actually formerly named Tukang Besi Islands. In 1996, the island's newly inaugurated a marine national park in hopes to be a nature conservation area for its function as a life support system.

In addition to Kaledupa and Hoga Island (not far from Kaledupa), in fact many other parts of Wakatobi which has the potential of this amazing tour. Such as fragrance-scented, with a capital of Wanci, a more complete amenities. If the problem of diving, Binongko and Tomian may be more intense sound. Even so, beautiful sea resorts Hoga Island Kaledupa with her was not exactly lost.

Hoga Island is considered a paradise for researchers ocean biota. In an area filled with white sand and coconut, it's true for every lover's dream island ocean. In fact did not stop, Sudomo, a former minister of the New Order era was revealed not to die first, before looking at this island.
When arrived at the port only. It feels magisme beauty of this island. Sea water looks clear, causing the shadows when a fish passes. Bekejaran bring eyes fight with white soft sand yellow, dim sunlight.

Some sellers of coconut visible smile. Not disturbing, or no intention to it, like merchants in other tourist spots. All was quiet, comfortable, cool breeze blowing gently interrupted.
In June through August, the island of Hoga normally be filled with tourists and researchers from various countries are also local areas. They usually will soon fall into the ocean full of varied marine life that is very challenging to study.

On the island of Hoga will find the inn that looks a lot like traditional houses Buton. When viewed at a glance the houses like the house unoccupied. There is a possibility Owners are not locals or leased. The question was not answered immediately how long, when we met with one of pengusurus inn.

For domestic tourists, the inn is pegged at Rp. 25,000 a day, with two bedrooms and facilities clean water every day. But for foreign tourists lodging-inn set prices more expensive than usual prices, especially during winter-time visit.

Two days later, after enjoying the white sand and ocean Hoga. Do not forget took a look at life in Kaledupa. Apparently the people there very religious. They always mention an old mosque in the village of Ollo. They said the mosque was very bertuahnya, situated on a hilltop, and is the only legacy of their ancestors.

By driving a pick up a lot of milling about there. Visitors can reach the magic power of the hill where the mosque is located. But do not be surprised if you get a little strange views of the surrounding people, because they are not accustomed to seeing pengnjung carrying bags and cameras. Not too long climb and then we'll find a mosque with the foundation rock of all, with the dominant color green.
To get into this mosque, we should bow first, due to the small door to go inside. Then lay the floor area with the old pulpit at the ends. And hides too surprised if you hear the explanation guard the mosque that the pulpit has been there since the mosque was built in 1401.

If we walk towards the middle of the mosque, we will see a stone bearing the name of the Prophet Muhammad in nature. Somewhat obscure indeed, but can be guessed when we looked up. Because of the above, between sheets of white cloth worn, printed Arabic characters inscribed Allah and Muhammad.


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