19 January 2011

A cup of Kawe (coffee) flavored typical Pagar Alam, beautiful natural scenery when morning on the porch Lodging Mountain Gare Pagar Alam, will captivate anyone who looked, walked, and climb the green carpet of tea gardens so fresh

Not yet satisfied the eye could see, the foot will be moved by stepping in between the tea plantation, looking for a nutritious tea parasite was on the sidelines of the tea bar, accompanied by the fresh cool morning and the sun began to sweep the ridge.
Mount Dempo which has a height of 3159 meters above sea level, is the highest area in South Sumatra Province. Travel for approximately 6 hours from Palembang to Pagar Alam also be an interesting experience. Entering the area to be enclosed by the nature of this mountainous, winding road to the valley and cliff on the edge of the road to welcome into the City of Pagar Alam.

Not only the beauty of Mount Dempo, a popular mountaineering route also became a byword among mountain climbers. "The challenges are varied, and a bonus point (flat) it a bit," commented the mountaineers from Java. Gurgling sound of water and various animal sounds of the mountain dwellers would accompany the climbers.


Set up camp on the expanse of the top trim, before seeing the crater Dempo, also the main attraction. Kawe sipping warm, near a campfire, sparkling city lights visible from that height.

Especially when the new year arrives, it will be filled stretch of climbers, whether they came from Pagar Alam, Palembang, South Sumatra and even from outside. Welcoming the new year at the peak of Merapi Dempo, seemed to have become a tradition. Dempo Mountains region has also become a tourist attraction as one of the mainstay. Rapid flow of the river in between the rocks also makes this very potential to be a place arum rapids.

Area which is 300 kilometers from Palembang is also loaded with ancient history attraction. The stones of ancient relics which was estimated to 2500 to 3000 this year are in some villages at the foot of Mount Dempo. Stone shape also varied, from the mortar, animals, humans, and there are also house-shaped stone. Megalith is what brings tourists from Europe often came to the mountains of Sumatra's highest mountain chain this.

Not yet exhausted the potential of tourism in Pagar Alam. Waterfall in the mountains is not yet fully developed, not even the possibility has not been found. As the discovery curub (waterfall) Pancur lately, a new beauty revealed.

After satisfying tourist interest in the natural charm of Mount Dempo. The tourists can visit a traditional market in downtown. Kudu, a typical weapon Pagar Alam society into the hands of your favorite fruit, in addition to coffee, tea, mistletoe tea, and avocado.

Pagar Alam city's determination to make tourism and culture is getting steadily with the introduction Visit Musi 2008. Coffee and tea-producing town since the Dutch colonial era was inaugurated as the city flower. Pages homes, schools, and city park filled with flowers. Flower show held in the town square every year.
Jarai seed center was not only planted orchid, chrysanthemum cultivation carried out there. Cultivation of cut flowers is a form of South Sumatra provincial government support to efforts to make the City as the city flower Pagaralam Earth Sriwijaya.

Tourism potential of this wealth was greeted friendly locals. They are ready to greet tourists, lodging repair services, roads extended and refined. Likewise the forest, with tree planting Bambang, maintained its sustainability


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