16 December 2010

Culinary Tours: New Tourism Destinations in Manado

The presence of a class of McDonald's global brand reinforces Manado as a world tourist destination in eastern Indonesia. While the other side, its presence also means that support the region's economic growth through workforce engagement, as well as a choice location Menado family to spend time together.

The potential of the city of Manado in terms of tourism has been recognized by many, inside and outside the country. So, add one culinary delights that have been familiar to the tongue of foreign tourists will make them more comfortable and feel "feel at home". That is one speech given by Mr. Sukowati Sosrodjojo, President Director of PT Rekso National Food (RNF) in opening outlets that took place today in Manado.

Located in the Boulevard area, where tourists used to cross to get to the island of Manado Tua and Bunaken's most famous locations, McDonald's has become the first presented by RNF - Developmental Licensee McDonald's restaurant in Indonesia - in this province.

Mr Sukowati Sosrodjojo, President of McDonald's Indonesia - PT Rekso National Food said "We are very enthusiastic and optimistic about the development of investment climate in Manado. This province is preparing itself to be one ecoturism best tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially with a series of international activities that have been and will be implemented.

Of course this will attract more foreigners to visit, for business, meetings or leisure travel. That's why McDonald's decided to come here and give one more factor that could become the pride of residents. Making beats McDonald's part of the community of Manado, because we are also committed to contribute the maximum to the community around. "

Adapting culture Manado sea, with ship-shaped building facades are getting towards the sea, McDonald's Manado built on a land area of 2700 square meters. Desk facing the sea is a cool place to hang. Plus the concept of service facilities 24 hours, 7 days a week, Drive Through, Party Room, Play Land, Internet Corner, and has Wi-Fi access free of charge, then complete the effort to embrace all the needs of customers of various ages and interests.

In this happy occasion, McDonald's Indonesia to invite the entire community invitation and participated Manado enliven the event with dancing to Chaka-Chaka dance movement which is a "line dance" the pride of the people of Manado.

"National Food Rekso helped preserve and revive the local culture. Make it a special part in every activity of the company. But that privilege is that of any participants who participated in the program Bagoyang Dorang dancing Donate follow-Chaka Chaka dance, McDonald's will donate a certain amount. So we hope the audience will all want to come to dance, "as presented by Rini T. Wardani communications manager for the National Rekso Food.

Overall donations collected will be donated to the Foundation Ronald McDonald House Charities, a nonprofit corporation which is a legally separate institution from McDonald's. This institution has a goal to help children less fortunate have the opportunity and basic health facilities are better for free.

Torang spirit Samua Basudara, the potential areas in the future, as well as strengthen the warmth of its people more confidence and commitment of the National Food Rekso to serve and provide the best of McDonald's to the people of Manado, so I'm lovin it more real.

13 December 2010

Enrekang, South Sulawesi; Discover The Nature of Enrekang

Caves, mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. All there is on earth Enrekang. The district is located between kilometer 196 and 281 kilometers north of Makassar, the region became one alternative that should be visited in the South Sulawesi. One of the famous mountain in this area is Mount Buttu Kabobong. The mountain is famous for its unique shape, resembling human genitals. Mountains are often also called Mount Miss. This can be seen from the side of the highway, when the city Enrekang.

In this area there is also Mount Bambapuang which has a height of 1157 meters above sea level. If lucky, you can see the panoramic sunrise and sunset are spectacular from the slopes of this mountain. At that time, the ball is colored red sun seems so obvious. On the slopes of this mountain too, there are a number of bunkers of the Japanese army.

According to myth and legend who believed the local community, Mount Bambapuang is the place where governance and human civilization in South Sulawesi, began. The place is exactly located at the Lura Bambapuang, one area that flowed Saddang River - the longest river on the island of Sulawesi.

Bugis people respect the place and call it rigalla tana tana riabbusungi (the revered holy land). Even now, the Toraja people who are neighbors of this area, always hand over a piece of flesh for his ancestors in Bambapuang every time they held a party.

First, salak fruit-producing areas are called 'the country a thousand caves'. At least there are 20 caves in this area that does offer views of the exotic. One of the famous cave with stalactites and stalakmitnya is Bubau Cave, located in despair Baraka. In addition, there is also a cave located in Limbuang Pusallo Maiwa, and Cave Tappa in Maiwa. The caves are very interesting to be traced by the adventurers.

This area borders the district of Tana Toraja in the north, this regency in the eastern part, Sidrap in the south, and west Pinrang. Enrekang have the hills and mountains with a height of between 70 to 3,000 meters above sea level. One of the famous mountain is Mount Latimojong which has a height of 3239 meters above sea level, and is the highest mountain in South Sulawesi.

Enrekang also has several major rivers such as River Tabang, Sungai Mata Allo, Mamasa River, and River Saddang. Saddang River that passes through downtown Enrekang and flows toward the Makassar Strait is one of the rafting event that began in demand. The swift river currents and heavy field challenge like water sports lovers to conquer Saddang River.

Another thing that legitimate enjoyment of the earth Enrekang are waterfalls and natural pools. Lewaja waterfall which was about four miles to the south of the city is a place of relaxation Enrekang very natural. This waterfall is always crowded by citizens Enrekang well as those who come from outside Enrekang. Lewaja also known as a sacred place used for ritual bathing together Enrekang community before entering the month of Ramadan.

Enrekang also promised satisfaction for lovers of flora, especially orchids. Various types of orchids grown and maintained well here. Call it for example, orchids months, orchids scorpions, even the rare orchid species such as black orchid could still be found. While the protected animals such as pygmy monkeys and buffalo live freely in the legs of the hills.

Culture Enrekang varied and rich conversation and polite words. He lies between ethnic groups namely South Sulawesi Toraja, Luwu, Bugis, and Mandar. Communities in cool temperate regions is also familiar with the tradition of Maccera Manurung. This traditional ceremony is only done eight years for four consecutive days. No wonder, if this event will be held, many residents took Enrekang overseas to return home to witness this ceremony.

08 December 2010

West Bali National Park; Tour Full of Uniqueness

West Bali National Park/ Taman Nasional Bali Barat (TNBB) with an area of 19,000 hectares, spread out in two districts, namely Kabupaten Buleleng and Jembrana district, which can be reached from Denpasar town about 3.5 hours towards Gilimanuk. Cekik city, about 6 km before the city Gilimanuk, Office TNBB / PPA is located, where all the administrative problems to be solved, to get into the area TNBB. Very impressive, no matter a rambling bureaucracy, everything can be solved in a short time.

There are two ways to enter TNBB, which can be passed by a vehicle, or a more Adventures, through the path, up and down the mountain, from the Source Klampok Klatakan to Mt. One interesting place to visit is the Bali Starling Bird penangkatan (Leucopsar rothschildi) who supposedly lived only a dozen in number in their natural habitat.

We hear that the Bali Starling breeding birds are almost "Extinct" This has been successfully performed by the San Diego Zoo and the Japanese. Even recently, Japan has donated another 24 to ditangkarkan tail Bali Starling in-Indonesia and TNBB get 10 fish quota.


Bali Starling bird breeding center which is managed by the Office of TNBB, done Tegal Bunder Postal sector. Bali Starling breeding facility that was almost extinct, which also has become an international concern, it seems inadequate, even a veterinarian visit very erratic. Maybe it is better if the TNBB or Natural Development Center, sending its staff to "comparative study" to the San Diego Zoo as well as Japan, which is certainly more sophisticated all-in all things.

The next trip you can continue with Prapat Heading down the coast toward the Great which is located on the edge of the white sandy beach, by the inhabitants called the "old beach", very beautiful. If provided for the tourist beaches of Kuta, the beach seems a long time indeed provided to the (nudist) TNBB residents.

To meet the desire of the tourist that do not satisfied, then provided the island. Besides having beautiful beaches, the island where the snorkeling is also very beautiful. If you are lucky, the divers can joke with Dolphins and Turtles. The island is also inhabited by various founa such as deer, Warthog, and others. And, also the choice of the Birds Watcher, which at certain times, can see the waves of migrating birds, from the northern to the southern hemisphere and vice versa.

In addition to fauna, in TNBB there are also several types of unique flora, it is said there are only there only, like a thorn tree Crocodile Panggal like the back of a crocodile. This wood is favored by sculptors Ubud, because the groove wood is a rather unique and mystical nuance, but this tree is protected.

Trees "lianas" vines or by a resident called the "tree garden" which is no less unique, shaped like a spiral and braid, also highly sought many people to picture frames, this tree is also protected. Tree Sawo Kecik (Manilkara kauki), which is increasingly rare-dibudi also empower the TNBB. According ceritra, fruit Sawo Kecik highly favored by women, especially royal women, supposedly because of properties that can cause a smell that "Seductive" in the body.

Post Red Light is the last post you can visit and who were also heading off the coast, only 2.8 kilometers away to the mainland island of Java. Name strangely enough it was taken from the existence of Lighthouse that emit color light reddish.

This place is the first landing of Hindus from Java island, the Majapahit era around the 15th century. And, in this place also founded Pura Segara Rupeg that every full moon, much visited by pilgrims. From the land of Bali, looks Mount Merapi (in Java) dominate the panorama, at sunset, the view is fantastic.