05 November 2010

Sumenep Palace (Keraton Sumenep) in East Java known as "Potre Koneng" (Princess Yellow). This name arises because in the former palace Sumenep ever lived a palace consort, Queen Ayu Tirto Negoro, who has a clean yellow skin that comes from China. To honor the queen, palace roof Sumenep given a bright yellow color.

Buildings Palace Sumenep established in the second half of the 18th century at the instigation of King Sumenep, namely Penembahan Sumolo or Tumenggung Arya Nata Kusuma. This royal palace architected by a Chinese, named Liaw Piau Ngo. Through hands Ngo Liaw Piau is born a unique palace building, which blends architectural styles of Europe, China, and Java.

By visiting this palace, tourists can see first hand the results Javanese culture, Europe, and China which form the building Sumenep Palace. At the palace buildings Sumenep, visitors can see the nuances of Javanese palace with pillars and ornaments are European-style curves and a series of roof that resembles a Chinese temple.

In general, the composition of the palace building is no with other palace in Java, for example, shared a large pavilion, enough to receive guests, resting room king, and the location of the bathhouse for the empress and the king's daughters.

Before entering the palace, visitors will be greeted by the gate with the name "Labang mesem". In the Indonesian language "labang" means the door, and "mesem" is a smile. This gate symbolizes the hospitality of the palace of the guests who visit.

On the right side of the palace, there is a "Koneng Office", ie the king Sumenep workspace, which now functioned as a museum. This room contains a collection of housewares palace. Outside the palace, tourists can also visit the Mosque Jamik Sumenep whose age is not much different from the ages Keraton Sumenep. Sumenep Palace is located in downtown (near the square) Sumenep, Madura, East Java.

To reach the city Sumenep tourists have crossed the northern coast of Java through the Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya toward Port Kamal, Bangkalan, Madura by utilizing the ferry service. Travel time is approximately half an hour and costs around Rp. 2,000.

This port is located at the western end of Madura island, while the location of the Palace Sumenep located at the east end of the island which is about 90 km from Port Kamal. Or you can also ride from Surabaya longest bridge directly to Madura. The trip from the Port to the city Sumenep Kamal can be reached by bus or minibus with a long trip about 3 hours.

Tourists visiting the palace Sumenep can obtain additional information about the history and development of the palace of the palace managers who act as guides. If you need to stay, around the museum there is a hotel lodging.


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