20 October 2010

Pasirmukti, Bogor; Refreshing Agro Tourism

For the metropolis, on vacation in a green and beautiful place would be a very pleasant alternative. Moreover, if the place can be achieved easily, without having to spend energy and time for hours. Do not waste time. Drive your car to the destination Immediately!!!!

In the south of Jakarta, precisely in the area Citeureup, there is a location that should be considered to fill your holiday with family. Garden Tours Pasirmukti is an agro-tourism which is an environmentally friendly and offers a panoramic view of nature in the form of rice fields, plantations and fish ponds and green hills. Something that is very rarely found in midtown.

For those of you who come from Minahasa, this location can also be healers if you miss your hometown. Because the buildings and cottages that stood on this land , has unique style and so does the names. Nuance Minahasa not stop there. In Restaurants Bakudapa, you can enjoy delicious grilled chicken dish or woku rica fish and other special Manado food.

While dining, absorb the beauty of a paddy field between the orchard. On certain days, traditional musical entertainment, kolintang held to entertain the visitors. Minahasa Cottage, lodging with amenities like hotels and Walee Toaas & Tower Water Quality with beautiful scenery, is the excellent facilities that can be enjoyed at weekends with your family or office colleagues.

Garden Tours Pasirmukti also be the right place for flowers or ornamental plants lovers. In the Orchid Garden, you can find an interesting variety of species such as dendrobium orchid, phalaenopsis, Oncidium, cattleya and various other ornamental plants, the collection will spoil the eye.

Want to learn to care for orchids? Visitors can follow the session orchid care tips and demos which provided by expert staff. Following a short course on tambulapot or fruit plants in pots that are more intense behind the popular, the course also interesting to gain more knowledge.

Frutiwok or down the orchards, rice fields and river Cileungsi in the morning is a pleasant journey that can be done together. You are invited to watch various types of plants and picking the Lemong Cui, Manado distinctive orange, or red guava, directly from the tree while inhaling the fresh air far away from pollution.

Fishing, also could be other family activities that are not less interesting. Sitting together in saung, the pool while holding the hook or pull the hook with fish eating the bait, will be a special experience in this holiday.

Back to nature and become a farmer is an unforgettable experience for children and adolescents. And, arena Mud Field is the place. Join plowing fields with a traditional instrument, playing catch eels, fisticuffs in the pond mud will feel unique and exhilarating. Want a more exciting game? You can go to a green building to play war games or paint ball that offers a wide selection of war scenarios.

With a unique range of facilities and programs it has, Garden Tours Pasirmukti can be a perfect destination for your vacation and family on weekends.