13 February 2009

AmbonAmbon, after social riot several years ago, has been changed from dead city to beautiful city. Diverse and attractive tourism passed off for couple year, has been rework since 2008.
And the result, slowly, Ambon tourism began to show up again. Every weekend many tourists come to the tourist area around the city. While for the foreign tourists which usually come from Dutch, also come to locations around the beach.

But, where is the location for tourists area in Ambon? J Watratan, Head of Culture and Tourism Department of Maluku Province said each tourists area in Ambon is attractive and has its own special quality compared to tourists area in Java and Bali. See Tanjung Marthafhons (Marthafhons Cape) and the City Gate, It has a very wonderful attractive power.

Tanjung MarthafonsTanjung Marthafons or Tanjung Martha Alfons, located across the Ambon city. To reach that place, citizen can utilize ferry or dugout. Tanjung Marthafons has slope slightly beach, beautiful sand and completed with edge (border coast) made from wall, one meter height. At this wall, people can enjoy the calm cape coolly.

"That’s why every Sunday night or holiday Tanjung Marthafons never been quite from visitors," said Samuel Hehanusa, security guard of Tanjung Marthafons.

Samuel said that when Ambon still completely safe in Orde Baru periode (President Soeharto still in charge), Tanjung Marthafons region was governable by Pertamina (Government industry). The land was owned by Pertamina. Not wonder if this location often used by Pertamina’s managers as asylum. There are night show, karaoke, and place for dancing, all available here.

But in Social crisis area, several years ago, all entertainment facilities including asylum and villas have been burnt. Now, we can only see the debris which still exists.

Tanjung MarthafonsThe beach atmosphere still gorgeous, "We sell the atmosphere to all the tourists so that at weekend and holiday this area never been quite from visitors," said Samuel. Ambon Tourist Department also established this location as traditional dugout competition.

Other activity which held routinely is garbage diving in the cape. "Last year, when the traditional dugout held lots of local tourists come to this location. Maybe because many artists from Ambon follow that show", said Samuel again.

Then what is the attract power of the city gate? J Watratan told the story, for ordinary people consider the city gate as a “gate” to enter the city. Actually, city gate is a tourist location.

When you arrive to the city gate you can see a square hole at the hillside. If the whether is bright, visitors can see the Ambon’s atmosphere at night from the hole. What a beautiful scenery, city view, full of light. You also can see many boats and ships come and go.


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