14 February 2009

Oenesu Waterfall“Above the sandstone, next to Oenesu, we met. Near the rumble waterfall, we knitting yearn. My fidgetiness has gone, after long time separated. Here, we united again.”

Morning has not come yet. Sun still hide in the shelter. But, Lorita has been woken up from her dream. She can’t sleep tight. In her mind, there’s only Reynald, her beloved. They promise to meet after one year not meet. Wish can change the time, she really wants to wake the sun and the capon.

This also happen to Reynald at the same time, at different place. He felt what his lover felt. He suffers from his missing so deep. He can’t close his eyes and always imagine meet his beloved.

Time has pass, leave all behind. The only thing left only history and old story. That morning, Oenesu still quite. Sunshine still can’t breakthrough the trees and leaves. There, a couple sweetheart meet and look the eyes each other. They are Lorita and Reynald.

Oenesu WaterfallThe rumble Oenesu became the witness, the happiness they united again. For them, Oenesu is not only a natural location for traveling. This place was their memory how they met as lovers.
That was one of many stories that happen in Oenesu. Oenesu often visited by falling in love couple. Besides them, many local and foreign tourists (especially Australia) came this multilevel waterfall.

Oenesu is the most crowded main tourist place in Kupang. At weekend or holiday, this place could be visited by more than 1,500 people. Oenesu has 0,7 Ha wide area. The topography is quite challenging, it’s hilly. So, it’s suitable for you who love outbond activity such as cross the jungle or follow the river. There are wild animals and wild bird inside the jungle. When I came to Oenesu, I saw young men search shrimps by wood lance.

Oenesu WaterfallOenesu is a special waterfall, it has four levels. The water fall from one level to the next level and there is a big nature pond in the middle of the waterfall that tease everybody to swim.

When rainy season come, the water bulk and water volume is overwhelming, but the water still clear and pure. While when summer come, the water never dry only the volume decrease, not as many as rainy season, but the water getting more clear.

Now, Oenesu become the most favorite place to visit. You can swim, take a bath, camp or traveling the jungle around the waterfall. Visitors can use the stairway to go the waterfall base easily. There is also wood bridge to go to the jungle. While, area surroundings the parking area, there are gazebos as rest place or to buy some food and beverage around it.

Sun get more lay to the west, Oenesu start to abandoned by the visitors one by one. But nor for the Lorita and Reynold. They still comfortable sitting on the sandstone next to first level waterfall. They still enjoy their time together.

Oenesu WaterfallOenesu waterfall was located at West Kupang regency, about 17 kilometers from Kupang city, East Nusa Tenggara. Access to this waterfall is very smooth, only couple kilometers at the waterfall gate the road a little bit broke.

Oenesu can be reach by private or public transportation. If you use public transportation, you can rent a travel car from Kupang, it’s about Rp 500,000 / day and 1.5 trip from Kupang. The Ticket to enter this location is Rp 1,500 / adult and Rp 1,000 / child while the parking fee is Rp 2.000 for car and Rp 1,000 for motorcycle.


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