13 February 2009

The mystic Baduy people, the beautiful white sand coast. the lush Ujung Kulon jungle, the supernatural attraction, here is Banten.

DebusCreeps!! That was your first impression when you saw Debus attraction, unique and rare attraction only available in Banten. Debus is combination of Pencak Silat (martial art) and traditional music with strong magic. If you see debus, you’re like see Superman who invulnerable to sharp weapon and not burn fried in fire. Not wonder if this special Banten tradition not only popular in Indonesia, but also popular in world wide. The magic and religic thing in debus has already start since 16 century, when Banten lead by Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin.

DebusDebusDebus used as device for Ulamas to spread Islam at Banten and around it. This quite reasonable, because the character of Banten people still hard till now. When Dutch come to Banten, debus present the firing the spirit of Banten warriors against colonizer. Now, debus shows up with different face. This attraction was packed nicely, so many tourists can show the attraction.

DebusA moment before the show, Usually players do some special ritual to prepare their self with fasting and praying so that they’ll gave safety at the show, minimal 2 days before the show. Generally, all players have pencak silat skill. But, it doesn’t mean all pencak silat players can play debus. They must have some special skills to do debus.

Debus starts with gembung (opening) when all players read shalawat (prayers) to Nabi Muhammad and dzikir with percussion musical chairs. Half hour later, those prayers getting louder and intercommunicate each other. This stage called beluk. Together with beluk, all players start to attract; stab stomach with spear, chop hand with machete, glut fire, stab tongue or cheek skin with wire without bleeding (even if bleeding can be heal with one hand stroke!). Yes, it seems so horrible! But, this was the attract power.

For researches and anthropologist, Budaya Baduy Village which located at Kanekes village, Leuwi Damar regency, Lebak, become a big magnet. Their life are still traditional and unique, very interesting to observe and study. Because of them, now Kanekes village become famous and many local and foreign tourists come to see them.

To go to Budaya Baduy village, you have to go to Rangkas Bitung. Then, continue your journey to Ciboleger, 38 kilometers from Rangkas Bitung. Actually, there are other ways to enter the Baduy area, but local government has already make Ciboleger as main gate. The road is nice, but still in several location is quite Baduy Villageabrupt and landslide. So be careful!

Before on to the Baduy area, all tourists have to report their company and ask permission to the chairman of the village. Then, you can start your journey again. There are two options to cross Baduy area. If you have lots of times or more than one day, you can cross to Cibeo, Cikertawana or Cikeusik, also known as Baduy Dalam (deep Baduy). It’s about 12 kilometer from Ciboleger and traveling by walk. While for you who don’t have lots of time, Gajeboh which located 3.5 kilometer or 2 hours trip from Ciboleger, can be your option.

Woven FabricFor you who visit this place for the first time, Guide will be very useful. You can find the guide at Ciboleger station and if you bring to much stuff and difficult for traveling, you can pay for a porter. The thing you must watch before enter Baduy region, there are several rules you must obey. One of the rule is : only Malayan (dark skin and dark eyes) can enter Baduy Dalam. While caucasian (Eropean) or Chinese people can not enter it. They only permissible enter the Baduy luar (beyond Baduy) or until Gajeboh village. As long as the tour, you’ll pass pathway in middle of the jungle and Baduy village, better if you wear sneakers or trekking.

During the journey, you can see Baduy women woven fabric, men go back home while carry fruit from farm or children playing in front of their houses. At Baduy Luar area, you still can take a picture, except one, a ccustom house not far bridge made of bamboo at Gajeboh village. While at Baduy dalam you can’t take a picture at all. You must obey this rule!


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