24 January 2009

Martapura South KalimantanHave you ever heard Martapura? Usually people connect Martapura with jewelry, diamond and gemstone. Not surprising that since long time ago Martapura was well known as diamond biggest producer in Kalimantan, in fact the biggest producer in Indonesia. The truth is eventually Martapura start to change. This region is not only for hunting gemstone but also for family tour.
The capital city of South Kalimantan is Banjarmasin. Total area for martapura is 36,985 km2. South Kalimantan province has two big city, Banjarmasin and Banjarbaru with eleven regency. One of the regency is Banjar regency, the capital is Martapura.

GemstoneMartapura is famous for its diamond and this city also has the biggest Islamic base, indicated from Madrasah Darussalam. No wonder if beside local devisa source, tourist to Martapura also become the second devisa source. Everyday Cahaya Bumi Selamat Complex stores (about 87 diamond and gemstone stores) is very crowded because it’s visited by tourists from South Kalimantan and outside South Kalimantan.

According to Muhammad Sardi chief security Ahmad Yani street, The visitors in this market can be reach to 10,000 people (Monday to Friday), at the weekend or holiday can be reach to 20,000 people. Parking area only fit for 389 cars and if it’s not enough anymore visitors have to park their car at Al Karomah mosque not far from there.

Gemstone Store“Many visitors hunt diamond and gemstone for souvenir, previously. Now, visitors not only hunt diamond, but also to enjoy the special Martapura food. There are also playgrounds for children and rest areas,” said Sardi couple days ago. People also interest with Al Karomah Mosque which the biggest mosque in Kalimantan. This Mosque has a unique roof with many colors at the top, and has a very unique high tower.

The architecture inside the mosque is also very unique just like the outside. Hot outside but cool inside. “If you stop by in Martapura looking for gemstone, don’t forget to visit this mosque,” said Sardi promoting.

To reach this diamond trade Martapura area and Al Karomah Mosque, you only need one hour trip from Banjarmasin and takes a half hour from Syamsudin Noor airport, Banjarbaru.

Two years ago government has renovated this area by add more playgrounds and rest areas for tourists while enjoy the specific Martapura food in front of the jewelry stores. Sardi admit proud because many tourists who come to Martapura always satisfied with the service of officials of diamond store and Al Karomah mosque. They very friendly and very cooperative with all visitors.

Martapura South Kalimantan“Majority about 98 percent of the people of Martapura is Islam and has Arabic decline. They don’t want Islam and Arabic decline scratched with bad thing. That’ s why for every people who want to rent place or location to sell in here have to join a training for a month about ‘How to serve tourist appropriately with Islamic Rules,” said Sardi.

For you, diamond buyer, be careful! Always pay attention for the diamond you bought. Ask straight to the owner about the originality of the diamond. The real and fake diamond can not be different except if you analyzed it with special tools.

If buyers don’t ask "is this the number goods or not?", the owner will say "this is the number one goods". But, if you ask them to check and analyze the gem, they will be pleasure to do it. If it’s known not the number one diamond, the price will dramatically drop.


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